Goodbye "Old Carmen"

D2L will be unavailable as of May 14, 2017. From this date forward, you will not be able to access courses, forums and files that were previously housed on this system. It is up to you to save any relevant materials you want or need to keep before May 14.

Alternatives to D2L

Calling all faculty and staff with instructor roles in Carmen (D2L)! Do you manage an academic course? Forum? Training course? Information portal? All of the above?!?

There is no automatic conversion process for this content, so it is up to you to decide the best destination for anything you are currently hosting with Carmen (D2L). Whether you want a static webpage or a tool that allows for collaboration, the university offers something that will suit your needs. Learn more about solutions for saving "old Carmen" materials.

You can also read up on how to export components from D2L in the ODEE Resource Center.

Data Retention

You've moved your academic courses over to Canvas, but what should you do with data in Carmen (D2L) prior to May 14, when this information will no longer be available? The Registrar, Enterprise Security, Career Services and COAM have policies, best practices and recommendations to help you decide what you need to do, specifically with data tied to grades. Find out the key things you need to know about D2L data retention.

Student Impact

On May 14, "old Carmen" will no longer be available to you. Likely there is nothing you need to do about this beyond taking a moment to enjoy the automatic uncluttering of your academic life.

However, some students might want to revisit recent courses that are still open in Carmen (D2L) to snag some scholarly souvenirs. Read up on special scenarios that might require you to retain some of your old course materials.

You can also review the Canvas Adoption timeline, which includes key dates instructors need to know for spring semester 2017.

Click to read explanations of each milestone on the updated Canvas Adoption timeline.


Mon, 5/08/2017