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What are the relationships between the Registrar's system (the Faculty Center Rosters and Grades, in particular) and Carmen?

  1. Enrollment Information - In general, user information from the Registrar's Student Information System (SIS) flows into Carmen, usually by the next day.

  • Every night, automated programs gather data about all enrollment transactions (student adds, drops, section changes; changes to instructors, TAs, and Graders) from SIS. That information is combined with Human Resources data about new users and name changes a and repackaged into a format that can be read by Carmen. Our programs then feed the data into Carmen. The process usually completes at around 6:30 AM, depending on how much enrollment data needs to be uploaded.

  • Because this process involves multiple systems, there are occasional glitches. As a general rule, if an enrollment record is not correctly processed the first night, it will be completed during the next night's process. In some cases, we may re-run all or part of the enrollment process during the day.

  • Comparison Between Faculty Center Roster and CarmenCanvas People list- The People list in a CarmenCanvas course is based directly on the course rosters in SIS. However, if there is ever any question about who is in or out of a course a as student or instructor a the roster in the Faculty Center should be considered authoritative.

    • It it quite easy for an instructor to add people to the CarmenCanvas People list who do not show up on the SIS roster. Changes made to the People list in Carmen do NOT flow back upstream to SIS. Any manual changes to the Carmen People list that contradicts SIS data will be overwritten.

    • Information about student rank, paid status, major, plans to graduate, and other details are not displayed in CarmenCanvas.

  • Final Grades - Final Grades are the only situation in which data moves from Carmen to the Faculty Center. There are significant differences between how enrollment data moves into Carmen and grade data moves out.

    • Final Grades are transferred from Carmen to SIS on a voluntary, course by course basis, by instructors. Using Carmen to calculate final grades and transfer them to the Faculty Center is entirely optional.

    • Once grades are transferred from Carmen to the Faculty Center, the instructor must go into the Faculty Center to review the grades, take care of any Incompletes or EN grades, and finalize the process by posting the grades.

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