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Non-academic Courses in CarmenCanvas

Carmen (D2L) will be retired shortly after the end of spring semester. Faculty and instructional staff have been moving academic courses to CarmenCanvas, with the goal of having almost all courses in the new system for spring semester 2017.

Non-academic courses should be moved out of Carmen (D2L) before May 14, 2017.

As with academic courses, there is no automatic conversion process. If you manage a non-academic course in Carmen (D2L), you will need to decide the best destination for it.

How do you know if your course in Carmen is a non-academic course?

Academic courses have a specific title format that includes the term, the department, the course number, the course title, and the Registrar's class number. Their enrollment is controlled through our integration with the Registrar's system. Every other course in Carmen is a non-academic course. Non-academic courses in Carmen are also called "forums."

There is plenty of time to explore whether Carmen is still the best platform for your purposes. Consider if your goals might be met better by BuckeyeLearn, U.OSU, CarmenWiki, BuckeyeBox, Qualtrics or another platform.

CarmenCanvas is primarily intended for academic use, but if your goals are best met with the LMS, you can request a forum in the new system and adapt your content.

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Revised 11/2016