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Why am I seeing duplicates within the Published Works sections of my profile?

Those eligible for promotion or tenure during the 2017 calendar year are welcome to continue using RIV knowing that support for the retiring system is limited.

Most of the time when you see the same article twice in your profile, it is not duplicated. One instance is the entry within the profile and the other instance is a recommendation from Research in View's recommendation system. (Example)

All publications that were transferred over from OSU:pro are actual entries within your profile. However, Research in View will also recommend the same publications if they are indexed within the Web of Science. This is what results in a list of publications that look like duplicates. You are given the option to either accept and merge the recommendation with the entry that was transferred from OSU:pro, or deny the recommendation.

What you can do

Managing the automatic recommendations from the system should be included as part of the time you should expect to spend updating your profile.

  • All recommendations have a small green R icon next to their citation within the profile. Click on the checkmark icon to accept the recommendation or the X mark icon to deny the recommendation.