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How can I accurately populate the Quality Indicators Impact Factor and Times Cited tables?

Those eligible for promotion or tenure during the 2017 calendar year are welcome to continue using RIV knowing that support for the retiring system is limited.

At this time, the only way to populate the Impact Factor and Times Cited tables are to link publications from your Research in View profile to the Web of Science databases. Linked publications have a small green L icon next to their citation in the profile. The link automatically provides updated impact factors and times cited information from the Web of Science to Research in View.

The vendor is working on a way to provide users with more flexibility when adding and displaying Quality Indicators fields.

What you can do

To create complete Impact Factor and Times Cited tables, make sure all of your Journal Articles that are indexed within the Web of Science are linked on your profile.

In order to link a publication, you can:

  • Accept a publication recommendation from the Research in View recommendation system
  • Use the manual search and import functionality

Until a more flexible option is available, you may also want to use the Quality Indicators Narrative field to add information about Impact Factors and Times Cited in a prose format. Many users are also opting to create their own Impact Factors and Times Cited tables within Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, and then physically attaching these tables to the back of the Research in View dossier report printout as an appendix. Users who decide to do this will normally write a short paragraph within the Quality Indicators Narrative field describing that the Appendix is attached to give a more complete view of Impact Factors and Times Cited information.