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What type of materials can and cannot be added to the Secured Media Library?

The Secured Media Library is intended for copyrighted videos, such as theatrical motion pictures, documentaries, and television episodes, not lecture recordings or departmentally created videos.

Supported Formats

Media Services can ingest DVD and Blu-ray movies.

Non-Region 1 DVDs in PAL or SECAM can be processed without a problem.


  • Purchased master
  • Physical media (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)
  • Copyrighted work


  • Copied movies
  • Rented movies
  • Library reserve1
  • File-only masters

1 Titles that are out of print will be accepted from OSU Library holdings.

University Libraries is currently piloting streaming video services to expand the range of content available to the University. If you are unable to locate your desired title from those already available within the Secured Media Library you can request the desired video through them as an alternative to requesting its addition to the Secured Media Library.