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Flash video playback error in Safari v10

The security model for Flash Player in Safari version 10 has been changed requiring users to explicitly enable the extension and adjust the default settings before use. Below are the steps to change the settings required to enable Flash support.

Flash error message

To download the newest version of Flash Player, please visit

Within Safari, open Preferences and navigate to the Security tab. Click the Plug-in Settings button.

Safari Security settings

Click the check box for Adobe Flash and change the When visiting other websites setting to Yes.

Safari Flash plugin settings

Exit Preferences and navigate to the Secured Media Library ( and click a play link for a video. You should receive a Click to use Flash dialog in the web page's player. Click Click to use Flash.

Safari Flash allow dialog

Safari will present you with a confirmation dialog box. Click Trust.

Safari Trust dialog box

Your video should now play properly for any videos in the Secured Media Library.

Working Flash video in Safari

You can repeat these steps, navigating to the web site of your choice, if you experience this problem with any other site utilizing Flash similarly.