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Expected Behavior / Known Issues / Feature Requests

Expected Behavior

RIV to Vita data transfer

Issue: On Sunday mornings, profiles changed in Research in View are copied to Vita. Once you have begun using Vita, you should no longer be making any changes to your Research in View profile.

Work-around: If you need to make changes to your profile in both programs, please contact us at; we will exclude your profile from the weekly data transfer.

Narrative Historical Data "Cleanliness"

Issue: Effort has been made to remove all special characters that do not display well - and honor HTML formatting as the data comes over from RIV. However, RIV had stored the data in a non-standard format and all cases could not be cleaned.

Work-around: Examine your data carefully for special characters that may have been overlooked and make necessary changes.

Required fields empty

Issue: Some records imported from RIV may have no data in required Elements fields.

Work-around: If you edit these records, you will need to add data to each required field in order to save. You can add placeholder text if you need to.

Duplicate records in Elements

Issue: You may see duplicate records in Elements. If you had a profile in Research in View (RIV), your data was migrated to Elements and will appear under the Mine tab in My Publications. To provide you with more control over your data, we did not automatically merge records on your behalf.

Work-around: We recommend you merge the duplicate records. Please see Managing your Publications for more information.

ORCID configuration is not available

Issue: Users attempting to configure their ORCID in Elements recieve the following error: "check client id and redirect URLS."

Work-around: The ORCID is currently not supported in Elements. We are working with the vendor to provide ORCID functionality to users.

Known Issues

Dossier not reflecting edits to imported RIV records

Issue: Users editing records imported from RIV are reporting that their saved changes are not being reflected on the dossier. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue. The changes are being saved in Elements and will appear on the dossier when a fix is deployed.

Grant Data not Updated

Issue: Grant information was imported from Research in View. Once the Office of Sponsored Programs Grant Database is available, Vita will import grant information from there.

Work-around: You can add grant information manually.

Privacy settings in Vita are not functioning

Issue: Users are reporting that although they set all data elements to be hidden, the profile will remain visible to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience and are currently working to resolve the issue.

Journal Impact factors not available

Issue: Impact factors were not available after the departure from RIV. This information was generated by a product owned by the vendor.

Work-around: The ODEE team is currently developing a solution to display impact factor information from Thompson Reuters. When completed, Elements will display the journalas current impact factor; the dossier view will display the journalas current impact factor, as well as the impact factor five-year average. The system cannot display the impact factor at this time, as it is not available as a data feed from Thomson Reuters.

Dossier Preview may not scroll in Firefox

Issue: In some versions of Firefox, the pop-up dossier preview does not have scrollbars.

Work-around: You can use your keyboard's Page Up and Page Down to move through the dossier or use a different browser.

Elements synchronized data missing fields

Issue: The Elements synchronizer only harvests information that is made available by the databases like Web of Science, Scopus or PubMed. Not all databases make the same fields available. One field always missing is the nature of the review (Peer/Editor).

Work-around: Edit records manually to complete the missing fields.

Article citation table not populating

Issue: The article citation table is not populating automatically. There is no database that directly makes this delineation (self-cited vs non self-cited) available. RIV was creating the data by searching citations against authors as part of their application. We will have to develop a similar solution in-house.

Work-around: We recommend you consult with your departmental promotion and tenure professional to modify the Word format dossier per your departmental guidelines.

Feature Requests

Delegate Permissions in Vita

Ability to assign delegate access in Vita.

CV Creation and Download

As a user, I can download a version of my CV that is a close variation of the P&T Dossier. I would like functionality that will allow me to customize my CV before downloading.

Duplicate Finder

As a user, I would like a "duplicate entry" finder tool. Something that pulls up similar entries, common groups of words, so that we can decide if we've entered it twice? Some faculty write things in multiple different sections when they really shouldn't be there and I rarely notice that they've done it twice.

Integrated Law Databases

As a law faculty member, I want Vita to pull from SSRN, Legal Scholarship Network, Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and Hein Online to capture all of our publications.