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Vita dossier not reflecting data saved in Elements / Known Issue

Issue: This issue impacts most publication types, teaching activities, professional activities, and grants. If a user edits a record imported from RIV or harvested by Elements, the data they add to the record is not displayed on the dossier.

Work-around: We are collecting information about which record types are impacted so that the problem can be addressed.

Be sure you have entered the data in Elements using the directions in the blue information boxes for each record type. For many record types, there are multiple fields with similar labels. Your changes are being saved in Elements and will appear on the dossier when a fix is deployed.

If you have confirmed your data is entered correctly in Elements but it is not correct on the dossier, please send an example of the misaligned data to We will use this in developing the solution.

If your P&T deadline requires you to submit your dossier before we can fix it, please download the Word version and make your corrections there. The Word download option in Vita is intended to allow people to meet their P&T deadlines during the transition year.