Accessibility, in the context we use it, refers to the practice of designing and/or utilizing technologies and content in the online classroom so that students with vision, auditory, motor, and cognitive disabilities, can successfully navigate, use, and benefit from them. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and ADA Title II gaurantee accessibility as a civil right and if those civil rights are violated it may result in fines and lawsuits, not to mention negative student experiences. Therefore, accessibility must be considered when using any technology in the Carmen classroom, including Carmen itself. Some common areas to be mindful of include: videos (captions), images (alternate text), documents and presentation (correct formatting and structure), assessments (platforms and types).

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For more immediate assistance, the Accessibility Help Line is dedicated to assisting faculty, staff, students and sponsored guests who encounter accessibility issues with any of the systems or applications maintained by the Office of the CIO.

  • Phone: 614-292-5000

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