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WAVE Toolbar to Help Determine Accessibility of Websites

It's a valuable instructional practice to have students navigate the internet to sites that they are likely to use at one point or another in their professions. However, not all websites are built to be accessible for all. Some sites may not have alternate text for images, appropriate headers, tagging, color contrast, etc.. All of these things make a difference as to whether or not students with vision, auditory, or motor disabilities can navigate and use the content on the website. Using the Wave Toolbar can help to determine whether or not a website has a significant number of accessibility errors, which can then help you to determine if that website should be used in the course or if alternate websites will be needed that cover the same content that are accessible for all. This introduction to the Wave Toolbar provides an overview of how to obtain and use the toolbar as a starting point for determining accessibility. Keep in mind that the Wave Toolbar is helpful to get a sense of whether or not a site is accessible but it is still important for you to consider the website yourself from a variety of perspectives to truly determine whether or not you should use it in the course.

WAVE Toolbar