Affiliate Program

The ODEE Affiliates program provides a way for Learning Systems staff to share technical resources and information with people who provide support for instructional technology throughout the university.

In their colleges or departments, Affiliates usually hold positions in technology support, instructional design, or course coordination. Some Affiliates also work with the Registraras systems or deliver other kinds of administrative support to instructors. Staff who support the use of Research in View are also included in the ODEE Affiliate program.

Currently, the Affiliates program is closely aligned with Carmen (our course management system) and loosely aligned with other online learning tools, such as Mediasite, CarmenConnect and Research in View. As other services become available, we will seek ways to provide advanced access and information to Affiliates.

Depending on what is possible with the systems in question, Affiliates may receive specially-created accounts, be given access to additional tools, or be able to call on more detailed technical information. Affiliates receive priority communication from the Learning Systems Support & Training team and are also consulted on decisions about online learning at Ohio State. A department or college may have multiple Affiliates; the type and of access each Affiliate receives is set in collaboration with their unit.

Becoming an Affiliate

Because of the level of access that can be granted to Affiliates, membership in the program requires certification by the Learning Systems staff and authorization from a dean, department chair, or program director.

  • If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, please complete the request form to begin the process.
  • Once we receive your form, we'll reach out to you and to your dean, department chair, or program director.

Roles and Access

Depending on what resources the Affiliate needs to better fulfill their responsibilities, appropriate roles and access to online systems will be provided. This might include:

  • the ability to enter a Carmen course or other online space with the same or similar rights as the instructor
  • the ability to troubleshoot or manage user enrollments in existing spaces
  • the ability to request non-academic Carmen course shells
  • the ability to merge, split, or clone enrollments in Carmen courses
  • the ability to populate and manage Research in View Profiles


Affiliates are given additional methods to contact the Learning Systems team. When feasible, they are informed about upcoming maintenance plans or known issues before announcements are made to the university as a whole. Affiliates may also receive early knowledge about or special access to other Office of Distance Education and eLearning opportunities (for instance, limited-enrollment workshops or new tools and pilot projects).

In exchange for this level of access and communication, we expect that Affiliates will:

  • acquire and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the online learning tools used in their area;
  • provide feedback to ODEE staff about Carmen and other online learning needs in their area;
  • participate in system updates by testing courses and tools in aSandboxa sessions;
  • communicate with instructors, staff, and leaders in their area about changes or opportunities related to Ohio Stateas online learning systems.

Training, Certification and Authorization

Depending on the access being requested, Affiliates will be required to demonstrate completion or understanding of some or all of the following:

  • OSUas Institutional Data Policy
  • FERPA compliance
  • proficiency at the instructor-level or higher with the systems to be supported
  • proficiency with any other tools to which access is provided

Affiliate candidates may enroll in workshops, review ODEE Resource Center articles and videos, and/or request access to self-paced tutorials. Most candidates will be required to complete a series of online quizzes appropriate to their access and may also need to schedule a training session or follow-up meeting with a Learning Systems staff member.


Because Affiliate accounts have access to personal, instructor, and student information protected by FERPA and copyright laws, we require that the dean, department chair, or program director (or an appropriate designee) authorize each new Affiliate.

There is an ongoing re-authorization process. This may require that Affiliates attend a one or more meetings or training sessions each year. It may also include having the dean, department chair or program director confirm their support for Affiliatesa ongoing membership.

The purpose of the re-authorization process is to ensure that Affiliates and their departmental leadership have up-to-date information about the online systems and about access by local support personnel.