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Why are there inactive students in my CarmenCanvas course?

In Carmen (D2L) students who dropped a course disappeared from the course list. CarmenCanvas allows instructors to view dropped students by flagging them as "inactive".

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Instructors can tell which students are inactive when viewing Discussions, the Gradebook, People, and the User Details page.

An inactive enrollment retains prior activity in a course but does not allow the student to access course content. This functionality allows an instructor to gauge and report on the grades and activity level of students who have dropped a course.

Instructors can toggle between viewing or hiding Inactive students in the Gradebook and their grades can be edited like other students. However, inactive students cannot access the course to view grades or receive any submission feedback.

The Canvas Enrollment Status Comparison article provides information about expected behavior for the inactive status. We have noticed some inconsistencies in how the status performs across Canvas tools. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working with the vendor to develop additional and improved functionally.

Some instructors are wondering why there are inactive students before a new course begins. Once a course is created and enrollments begin processing from the Registrar's system, Canvas will begin reflecting this information. This includes adding and dropping students who enroll and drop the course before the course starts. We expect to change this behavior for upcoming semesters.

If students have changed sections in a multi-section course, the instructor may see them listed in both sections without the inactive flag.

Students in this situation are active only in one section even if the inactive flag is not visible to the instructor.

If the instructor has manually enrolled a student ahead of enrollment changes coming from the Registrar's system there may be ambiguity in which sections they are active in. If you are concerned about the access given to a student please call the IT Service Desk (614-688-4357; 8-HELP) during regular business hours and ask to be passed through to the Carmen support team.

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