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Who are Observers and why are they listed in my course?

The Observer role in CarmenCanvas allows a person to monitor the performance of specific individuals in a course. We are using the Observer role in Carmen to enable advisors from the Student Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) to audit the academic progress of student athletes.

Anyone who appears as an observer in a CarmenCanvas course is an authorized advisor from SASSO. Each is directly associated in CarmenCanvas with athletes for whom they are responsible.

SASSO advisors are able to review the progress of one or more student-athletes in your class.

Student-athletes sign FERPA waivers that give SASSO permission to view and monitor this information, which is only shared with SASSO counselors, the individual student, and the respective sport coaches.

Observers can view:

  • Published course materials

  • Assignments submitted by their students

  • Grades assigned to their students

  • Quizzes index page (cannot view a quiz)

Observers cannot view:

  • Class roster

  • Grades for other students

  • Assignments for other students

  • A quiz (can view quizzes index)

  • Discussion posts

  • Groups

Because the Observer role in Canvas is being used for this purpose, it is not available to use for adding guests in Carmen courses.

If you need to add a guest to your course, use the role that most closely approximates their function in the class. The Student and the Designer role both protect your FERPA data while allowing a guest to see and engage in course activities.