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How do I add participants to a past Carmen Course?

Once a course's term end date has passed, the course will have read-only access. This means that a course is not available for adding participants, submitting assignments, posting discussions, uploading files, grading, or any other action-based task within a course. Prior to the term end dates, you can override the term date for a particular course by setting your own course dates.

If you want to add an instructor to a past course so they can preview or copy your instructional content, we recommend that you copy your material into a Master Course. This will help ensure compliance with FERPA regulations.

If you do need to add an instructor to a past course, please have the instructor of record for the original course email with a brief explanation for why the access is needed. Include the username of the person to be added and a date by which the course should return to read-only status.

Best Practices

A Master Course is a Canvas course shell that corresponds to a specific academic course you currently teach or will be teaching in future semesters. It is not connected to the Registrar's system.

Instructors in a master course can then add other users / other instructors using the landing page functionality.

Once you have developed your content in the master course, you will manually copy your course material into your academic course. Updates to material in a master course are not dynamically passed to the academic courses.

Everyone who is involved in developing a course or updating course content from semester to semester can work in the same master course, without having to be added to each academic courses or worrying about whether FERPA data is being protected.

You can request a Master Course from the Carmen landing page by clicking the red "Request Master Course" button.