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Why am I receiving an error for my quiz with LockDown Browser enabled?

Students trying to take a quiz in LockDown Browser (LDB) receive the error "Could not retrieve exam settings. Please ask your instructor to verify the exam settings on the LockDown Browser dashboard."

Error message: Could not retrieve exam settings.

This message displays when the LDB dashboard is opened for the very first time for a course. It's a courtesy message to let the instructor know that they haven't yet performed this action on that particular course. It might be that the quiz was copied from a course offered in a previous semester or it a quiz in a course with Blueprints enabled.

Until the LDB dashboard is opened for the copied course by the instructor, the course is not recognized by the LDB servers and all the LDB specific settings (including the iPad option) will not be in effect.

Instructors should go into the course and click on the LDB dashboard from the course navigation. Instructors do not need to take any further action beyond clicking on the LDB dashboard.

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