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Why am I being prompted for a Proctorio access code?

If you are being prompted for an access code when attempting to take a quiz with Proctorio enabled, there could be a couple of reasons:

  1. You have not installed the Proctorio extension. In this case, you simply need to install the Chrome extension.

    Proctorio only works with Google Chrome.

  2. You have installed the Proctorio extension, but for some reason, Chrome is not recognizing that it is installed. If this is the case, there might be several reasons why Chrome is not recognizing the extension:

  • You have an anti-virus program or firewall on your computer that is blocking the extension. Try disabling or uninstalling those programs.

  • Mac computers have a built-in Firewall. Turning that off temporarily, for the duration of the quiz, may resolve the issue.

  • If disabling the firewall or removing the anti-virus program does not work, you will want to try uninstalling the Proctorio extension then reinstall the extension.

  • If none of those options work, then the next step would be to uninstall Chrome and then re-install Chrome.

If you continue to have issues with Proctorio, you can contact Proctorio support 24/7 at (866)-948-9087.