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What can I do if I'm experiencing video problems?

Troubleshooting Checklist

  • Are you using Firefox and Internet Explorer as your browser? There are limits to what Chrome can do in Connect without special configurations.

  • Is your webcam working in other programs? If yes, check your webcam selection within CarmenConnect.

    • Right-click within the Video pod and select Settings. Then select the webcam icon within the popup window and make sure the webcam you want is selected.

    • If the video still experiences issues, check your flash settings.

  • Is your webcam activated within the CarmenConnect Meeting Room? Check that the webcam icon at the top of the meeting room is green, not white.

  • Have you cleared your internet cache?

  • Have you cleared your Flash cache?

Participants whose webcam rights have been enabled will see the webcam icon. If you are a Participant and do not see the webcam icon, the Host can enable it using the following:

  • Universal Participant Webcam Rights a click the down arrow to the right of the webcam icon. Select Enable Webcam for Participants.

  • Single Participant Webcam Rights a hover over the useras name in the Attendees pod and select Enable Video.

Fellow group members will not see your shared video until you click the 'Start Sharinga button within the Video pod.

Still experiencing issues?

  • Completely close out of your browsers. Then, reopen them and try to log back into CarmenConnect.

  • If you continue to experience issues with your headset, microphone and / or speakers, shut down your computer. Unplug and replug your microphones, headsets and / or speakers. Then, restart your computer. This should prompt your computer to recognize your devices within CarmenConnect.

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