Integration of External Learning Tool

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning works with instructors, departments and outside services to incorporate third-party tools into CarmenCanvas. To suggest an integration with another system, submit the form below with as much detail as you can.

Please note that all suggested tools must go through a security and legal review to meet Ohio State standards, as well as testing to ensure appropriate functionality, before they can be integrated with CarmenCanvas. Establishing an integration can take two or three months depending on the scope of the integration.

A list of the tools and applications that have already been vetted and approved through Risk Assessment can be viewed here. Please be aware that even if the tool itself has previously been vetted, if it is a new integration it will require an additional quick Risk Assessment for the Canvas integration piece. See the complete list of current Canvas integrations.

Once we have reviewed your request we may contact you for more details and information as needed.

If you have any questions regarding integration process, please send email to .

User Information
External Tool Description
Provide brief information with links to vendor site and other useful information regarding the integration.
Impact and Timeline
Check as many options as apply.
Outline when you would like to start using this tool in Carmen. Consider whether instructional staff need access to develop material before courses start. Are there related timelines or other impact factors that we need to be aware of? Please note that successful security and legal reviews and testing processes can take 3-4 months.
Vendor Details
Please provide the name, email address and/or phone number of your primary vendor contact. If you have them, also include contact information for the vendor's technical team.

Please provide any information you have about the vendor's security procedures or assurances. We are particularly concerned with information about FERPA protection, infrastructure management, and communication about problems with the system. You may upload related documents provided by the vendor or provide the URL in the question below.

We will use this information to follow up with the vendor.

Please describe what arrangements have been made or will be made to pay for this tool. If payment will be made by any part of the university, this work should be well underway as we begin the security and legal reviews.
Testing and Support
Please outline your expectations about how training and support for this tool will be provided. Who will provide training to instructional staff? Who will resolve questions for students who have problems? If the vendor promises to provide support, we will need contact information to add to the ODEE Resource Center and share with the IT Service Desk. If you anticipate heavy departmental usage, we would like to establish an ongoing relationship with responsible parties in your area.
Before we make this tool available in Carmen, we will need people to assist in testing and verify that the integration meets your needs. Please provide names and email address of people who can work with us on this.