Schedule Hardware Recorder

This form allows instructors and staff to schedule the use of the Mediasite Hardware Recorder in a large lecture hall. Lectures recorded using the Hardware Recorder will be saved in a catalog that will be created as part of fulfilling this request. See Working with Catalogs for more information about sharing recorded lectures via a catalog.

This form must be submitted at least a week in advance before you wish to begin recording sessions.

Enter your full name here
If you do not have an OSU username, please email
If this scheduled recording is for a course, please indicate your role in that course. If your scheduled event is for another purpose, choose Other.
Provide the name of your course or event. The catalog for the recordings associated with this request will be named based on this information. For a course, provide the information from the Course Title in Carmen (Term, Department, Course Number, Class Number; e.g., "SP14 Psych 4321.0 (12345)").
Provide the OSU username (lastname.#) for each person besides yourself who should be able to edit or do other admin work with these recordings. Use commas to separate multiple usernames. If you are the only person who needs admin access to this material, leave the field blank.
Identify the room where you will be teaching this course or holding this event. In-class recording is only available in rooms where the hardware recorder device has already been installed. This equipment is not portable.
Please provide information about when your course or event starts and stops.
On what date does your course or event start? On this date, Mediasite will begin automatically recording whatever you are displaying on the computer in your classroom during your scheduled class time.
Select the meeting pattern for your course or event. These options are based on the Registrar's meeting patterns for academic courses.
What time is your course or event scheduled to start? This will be the time Mediasite begins recording whatever is on the computer screen in your classroom.
How long is your course or event scheduled to last each day? Mediasite will automatically stop recording after the specified length of time and upload your material to the catalog in your Mediasite portal. If you do not specify a time, we will use a default of 55 minutes (the shortest time for which academic courses are scheduled).
On what date does your course or event end? After this date, Mediasite will no longer automatically record content displayed on the computer in your classroom during your class time.
Please provide any other information that might be useful to us in fulfilling your request. In particular, please provide details for events that are not related to scheduled academic courses.