Authorize an Affiliate

Because Affiliates may have access to personal, course and research information protected by FERPA and copyright laws, we require that the approriate person provide authorization. This form allows you a as the dean, chair, or program director a to define the tools and tasks for which the authorized employee is responsible. As needed, we will follow up with you to answer questions or clarify needs.


Affiliates fulfill many functions in their home departments. These may include technology support, instructional design, course coordination, SIS course scheduling, or other administrative tasks that support instruction. Staff who support the use of Research in View are also included in the ODEE Affiliate program.

While Affiliates may or may not be identified as front-line support for particular systems in your area, we expect that they will be in a position to communicate with instructors, staff, and leaders in your area about changes or opportunities related to Ohio State's online learning and profile systems.

Section 1: Authorizer Information
Enter your first and last name
Enter your title or role
Enter the phone number(s) where you can most easily be reached
Enter your college, department, and/or program
Identify your campus
Section 2: New Affiliate Information
Provide the first and last name of the person being authorized
Provide the working title or departmental role of the person being authorized
Provide the OSU username (lastname.#) of the person being authorized

We assume that the department, college, and campus of the person you are authorizing is the same as yours. If it is not, please provide details about your administrative relationship with the potential affiliate.

Section 3: Tools and Resources


Use this box to list the departments for which your employee will be providing support. For learning systems, list the departments as they are named in the Registrar's system or in Carmen's My Courses widget. For Research in View, list or describe the units as they appear in that system.

Please use the following grids to indicate the tools and resources for which you are authorizing your employee to have enhanced access (where possible) or to receive technical information and announcements.

We will contact you if you indicate authorization for resources marked with *. These tools cannot be limited by department, raise extra security concerns, or have limited use-cases.

Technical information and announcements
Instructor access to Carmen courses in specified department(s)
See all user enrollments in Carmen *
Impersonate a user in Carmen *
Request Carmen shells for non-course use
Merge, Split, or Copy Classlist sections from one Carmen course to another *
Technical information and announcements
Access to Mediasite Management Portal *
Technical information and announcements
Technical information and announcements only
Technical information and announcements only
Technical information and announcements
Access to Research in View Profiles in specified department(s)
Section 4: Notes and Comments

Use this area for any notes, comments, or questions that will help us better meet your needs.