Catalog / Shared Folder Request

This form allows instructors and staff to request a Mediasite catalog or a Mediasite shared folder.

A Mediasite catalog is a published webpage that displays a group of your Mediasite presentations. Each catalog corresponds to a folder within your Mediasite portal. The folder can be private (accessible only to you) or shared so that your colleagues or assistants can also edit recordings and other settings.

  • See Working with Catalogs for more information about Mediasite catalogs.
  • With a Mediasite shared folder, multiple users can add or edit recordings to the same online space. See Getting Started for details about working with folders.

You should have already created a folder for this purpose in your MyMediasite portal before completing this form. For a course, the folder name should include the same information as the Course Title in Carmen (Term, Department, Course Number, Class Number; e.g., "SP14 Psych 4321.0 (12345)").

Enter your full name here
If you do not have an OSU username, please email
If this catalog or shared folder is for a course, please indicate your role in that course. If your catalog or shared folder will be used for another purpose, choose Other.
Provide the name of the folder in your Mediasite portal that you want to be shared and/or to be the basis of your catalog. For a course, the folder name should include the same information as the Course Title in Carmen.
Choose as many options as apply.
If you are requesting a shared folder, provide the OSU username (lastname.#) for each person besides yourself who should be able to add or edit recordings. Use commas to separate multiple usernames. If this request is for a catalog and you are the only person who needs admin access to the catalog and its corresponding folder, leave this field blank.
Please provide any other information that might be useful to us in fulfilling your request.