Request to Join Affiliate Program

If you are intereseted in becoming an ODEE Affilliate, please complete this form so we can more accurately determine the best fit for you.

Section 1: Your Identity
Enter your first and last name
Enter the campus phone number where you can most easily be reached.
Enter your job title or role in your unit. This can help us determine the most useful kinds of access for you.
Provide the program, department, and / or college in which you work.
Identify the campus where you provide support
Section 2: Access and Timeline


Briefly outline the kind of work you do or expect to do with ODEE's online learning systems (Carmen, CarmenConnect, CarmenWiki, Mediasite, Research in View, or other services). What problems can increased access or technical resources help you solve?

Include information about whether your responsibilities are primarily at the college, department or course level. If you can, please identify which departments you would be working with as they are displayed in SIS, Carmen, or Research in View.


How soon would you need increased access? Are you working with any immediate deadlines? The certification and account process generally takes at least 2-3 weeks; though much of this is dependent on you having time to devote to training.

Section 3: Authorization
Because users of Carmen Affiliate accounts have access to instructor and student information protected by FERPA and copyright laws, we require that the dean, department chair or program director (or an appropriate designee) authorize each new Carmen Affiliate. The Carmen staff will contact the person identified below about your authorization. If you are not sure who would do this for you, please include your best estimate and an explanation so we can figure out how to proceed.
Enter the OSU username (lastname.#) of the person who would authorize your inclusion in the Carmen Affiliate program. Most often, this is your department chair or college dean.
Enter the first and last name of your authorizer.
Enter the job title or role of your authorizer.
We assume that the department, college and campus of the person who would authorize you are the same as yours. If it is not, please provide an explanation.
Any comments or questions for the Carmen team.