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Missing Records Office of Student Life Committee Records (Service – 8a)


Previously, information was pulled into this section from the Elements New Advising Student Group form.

During a recent change, this was corrected so that all advising activities display in the correct areas of the dossier report.

Records that formerly populated in this area are now displaying in Service - Section 7 Advisor to Student Groups and Organizations of the dossier report.


Users should export the dossier report to Word and manually enter Student Life Committee Memberships in the following format:

Start Date YYYY - End Date YYYY Your Role, Subcommittee: Workgroup. Institution Name, Institution City, Institution State, Institution Country.

Description of effort: "Enter a brief description of effort."


2016 - 2019 Committee Chair, Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Student Life: Hiring Practices. The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, US.

Description of effort: I participated in developing hiring guidelines for new student organization program managers.